Infrastructure - MERI Professional & Law Institute


We, at MERI, truly believe that the environment plays a very crucial role in enhancing concentration on studies or any other work. The Institute is centrally air-conditioned consisting of lecture halls, conference halls, auditorium with LCD projectors and public address systems facilitating course delivery using audio-visual inputs from slide presentations to video clips and video lessons. The Wi-Fi campus also has state-of-the-art library, computer labs along with separate hostels for girls and boys.

The campuses are well-planned and spacious to make the students breath in the right environment for their growth and overall development. It is more of an interactive pedagogy rather than a one-sided teaching system which prevails and is beneficial these days; we, at MERI, have not left any stone unturned to have a harmonious mentor-mentee relation.

In this global era of Information Technology, communication and network constitute the core of the information exchange. To enhance efficiency of the users, MERI strives to create and provide a secure and competent environment wherein the Infrastructural facilities are hand held. Our IT wing is the perfect mix of experienced technical staff as well as learned faculty who have all the required support to keep themselves updated. To be able to keep up the pace with the manifold changes that have come in the IT industry over the last few years, we have the best of the IT infrastructure installed at all our premises.

The college has good support facilities in the form of a campus-wide LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi. All the classrooms are fully equipped with computers and projectors for the ease of imparting knowledge to the students. The computer labs have the best and modern machines like original software programs, laser printers, scanners etc. All this needs proper guidance and adherence to rules and regulations is a must therefore our IT Wing is supervised by competent personnel so that the resources are put to right use only.

The phrase “Home Away from Home” holds true as far as the Institute’s hostel is concerned which is fully equipped with the necessary requirements for day-to-day needs. It has spacious well-furnished rooms to make students comfortable; the hostel committee keeps on framing and restructuring the rules and regulations of the hostel from time to time considering the students’ feedback and suggestions.

The hostel for boys and girls is separate and the required levels of security are in place to ensure the safety of the students. It offers 24*7 Wi-Fi access to the hosteliers. The common room gives the right platform to all the students to chit chat over a cup of coffee or a game of carom or dinner. No nuisance is allowed in and around the hostel and warden keeps a close eye on the daily activities of the students; strict disciplinary actions are taken against students who fail to comply with the rules and regulations.

The Library plays an integral part in the academic endeavors of the students therefore we keep on enriching the bank of books regularly so that the libraries are well equipped and have sufficient bank of books (both in titles and volumes); also subscriptions to major journals besides all leading newspapers, magazines and periodicals. User and catalogue databases are fully computerized and online access to most of the Law, Engineering, Science and Management literature is available.

Conference Halls – All the MERI Institutes have modern and spacious conference halls with efficient ventilation and state-of-the-art equipments as well as professional ambience.

Wi-Fi Campuses – All campuses are fully Wi-Fi enabled and conveniently connected with internet facility which is available through a dedicated leased line.

Multi Purpose Auditoriums – All Institutes have well maintained multipurpose air conditioned auditoriums with latest electronic and multimedia devices and have a seating capacity of 250-300 persons each.