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Anti –Ragging Measures


Important Notice

Anti –Ragging Measures

All Students of MERI

All students are aware that the Government and the Hon’ble Supreme Court has taken a very serious view of ragging incidents in educational institutes.  A law already exists banning any form of ragging by senior students.

As per directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, two committees have been constituted for the above purpose.   The names and telephone numbers of members of the above committees are given below: –

  1. Anti Ragging Committee : –
Ms. Ritu Aggarwal MCA Coordinator 9818276740
Mr. Sumit Chauhan Faculty Member, IT 9899005524
Mr. Samarth Singh Faculty Member, Management 9717348855
Ms. Alina Messay Girls Hostel Warden 9718177232
Mr. O. P. Goel Public Representative and Former Bureaucrat (IFS Retired) 9810403267
Mr. Rajesh Kumar SHO, Hari Nagar, Police Station(Ex-official) 8750871130
Md. Iziz Journalist, India TV & India Crime Reporter 9211710878
Ms. Preeti Sharma Assistant Librarian 8800250885
Mr. Ashok Kumar Parents 9868803797
Akhil Student of MCA – V Sem 8447463979
Udit Student of MCA – III Sem 8375875310
Parth Student of MCA LE – III Sem 9643183027
Akansha Student of MBA – III Sem 9650209570
Manish Student of MBA – I Sem 8802268442
  1. Anti Ragging Squad :
Prof. A. K. Aggarwal Dean 9312326449
Dr. Mandeep Faculty Member, MBA 9015232556
Dr Deepa Gangwani Faculty Member, MCA 9818925952
Ms. Anshu Kalra Office Assistant (Admin. Staff) 9891925078
Mr. Ashok System Administrator, IT 8010461036
Mr. Ashok Caretaker (Admin Staff) 9312540547

All students are strictly warned that ragging is a criminal offense and any student involved in any form of ragging or harassment to any other student will face strict disciplinary and / or legal action.

Any victim of such ragging should contact the members of the above committees and report the incidents for necessary action.

Prof. Y. L. Grover

Director General