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AQAR 2018-2019

Annual Quality Assurance Report for the Academic Year 2018-19.

All NAAC accredited institutions should submit an annual self-reviewed progress report to NAAC, through its IQAC. The report is to detail the tangible results achieved in key areas, specifically identified by the institutional IQAC at the beginning of the academic year. During the institutional visit the NAAC peer teams will interact with the IQACs to know the progress, functioning as well quality sustenance initiatives undertaken by them.

  • IQAC Meetings:
  1. MoM 18.Oct.2019
  2. MoM 01.Oct.2019
  3. MoM 16.July.2019
  4. MoM 01.Nov.2018
  5. MoM 02.July.2018