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Business Communication

The Online Course ( Certificate) for Business Communication

Course Instructor : Dr. Archna Sehgal


Module 1 :

 Nature , Types and Importance of Business  communication

Module 2 :

Effective listening and its role in Business Communication


Communication for Employment

Module 4:

The role of meetings & discussions in Business Communication

Module 5 :

The role of effective Business Presentations

Module 6 :

BATNA Concept of Negotiation

Module 7:

Seven Cs of Effective Communication


The Mandatory Requirements

  1. The candidate should have an authentic Graduation Degree from any Indian or Foreign University.
  2. Recommended Readings:
  3. a) ‘Business Communication’ by K.K Sinha
  4. b) ‘Business Communication’ by Shruti D. Naik
  5. c) ‘Business Communication Today’by Courtland L.Bovee, John V. Thill & Abha Chatterjee
  6. d) ‘Business Communication’by Lesiker, Flatley & Kaczmarack.
  7. Technical Requirement :

As  this is an online course, regular access to the Internet is required.



Course Grades will be based on the completion of assignments, discussion and final exam ( at the centre/CAT – online)


20                                                Assignment 1 ( Module 1 & 2)

20                                                Assignment 2 ( Module 3 & 4)

20                                                Assignment 3 ( Module 5,6,& 7)

20                                                Online Discussion

20                                                Final Exam ( At the centre/ computer AdaptiveTest- CAT-