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About Entrepreneurship Cell- MERI

Across India today,top companies recruit for talent, rather than knowledge; young people demand the opportunity to “make it big”; the govt of India increasingly emphasizes the need for an entrepreneurial generation, naming this the “ decade of innovation’. E-Cell at Management Education & Research Institute, Delhi is the forefront of this  entrepreneurial change .

The E- Cell at MERI is  managed and driven by MBA,MCA & PGDM students under the guidance of Assistant Professor Samarth Singh. The e-cell organizes a variety of activities centered on promoting entrepreneurship among students:

The pedagogy

E Cell prepares students pursuing prog like MBA,MCA & PGDM at MERI for their entrepreneurial venture through its well drafted pedagogy which include-

  • Orientation and Motivation

  • Opportunity assessment

  • Kickstarting the Entrepreneurial campus

  • Business Planning workshops

  • Prototype to commercialization- drafts preparation

  • Market Analytics

  • Team Building

  • Managing funds/ entrepreneurship finance

  • Social Entrepreneurship locally in the area

Glimpse of E Cell activities – 2016

E Cell organized following activities since Jan 2016 for its student members of MBA , MCA & PGDM :

  1. Workshop on “Start up India : What’s in it for budding entrepreneurs’

 E Cell “ TARKASH”  organizes  Workshop  on   “Start up India : What’s in it for budding entrepreneurs’  for   student entrepreneurs on Saturday ,23rd  Jan ,  2016. Students were informed about start up India and what they can avail out of various govt initiatives.


  1. E- session ““Motivation and Opportunities’

E Cell “ TARKASH’  organized  E- Session on   “Motivation and Opportunities’  for  budding student entrepreneurs on Saturday ,16 th Jan ,  2016 .During the session following activities were undertaken: Session on Motivation for entrepreneurship;Discussion on growth of  startups started by students recently; New opportunities in the market.

  1. Workshop – how to develop business plan for entrepreneurial finance

E Cell ‘TARKASH’ organized  Workshop on ‘ How to develop Business plan for Entrepreneurial Finance’ for  budding student entrepreneurs  from  Saturday ,20 th Feb to 27 Feb,  2016 . The workshop focused on development of Business Plan in which a sample plan was provided to students followed by discussion on key inputs to the plan .


E Cell “ TARKASH”  organized visit to ‘GARMENT TECHNOLOGY EXPO’  for   student entrepreneurs on Saturday ,27th  Feb ,  2016. During the visit the Student Entrepreneurs got an exposure to:

CAD / CAM, Sewing, Knitting, Embroidery, Dyes & Chemicals, Quilting, Fusing, Laundry, Fabrics, Fancy Yarn, Finishing Equipment, Dyeing, Non Woven Bag Making Machine, Cutting Printing & Packaging, Software Solutions, Spreading, Spares & Attachments, Accessories & Trims, Testing Equipment, Support Services, HR Agencies, Trade Publications

  1. Visit to “28th Surajkund International Crafts Mela’

E Cell “ TARKASH”  organized visit to 28th Surajkund International Crafts Mela  for   student entrepreneurs on Saturday ,6th  Feb ,  2016 . Surajkund International Crafts Mela showcases some of the most exquisite handlooms and handicrafts .Eighteen E cell members visited the Fair and interacted with vendors , manufacturers  to understand the opportunities in the sector of handloom and handicrafts .

  1. Orientation Program & Workshop ‘Motivation for Entrepreneurship’

E Cell organized Orientation programme and  workshop on ‘Motivation for Entrepreneurship’ for its members on  Saturday, 13th Aug, 2016 .During the orientation session E Cell members were informed about the plan of action, entrepreneurs at MERI and discussions were held on their aspirations .

Following the orientation , the workshop laid emphasis on motivating the members through discussion on market scenario , new entrepreneurial push by Govt, support structures and cases of startups.


  1. Business launch “ ablaze’ & WorkshopEntrepreneurial Ideas and consumer trends

E Cell – TARKASH organized the  launch of   “ ABLAZE’ , a business initiative by  E Cell members – Dilip Singh ,Mohit Pawar and Akshay Malhotra  on 20th Aug,2016. Ablaze is set up as a pvt ltd organization in the domain of apparel catering to business organisations . The founders elaborated at length the challenges they faced in setting the business along with their future plan of action. .

Following the launch ,E Cell organized  a  Workshop on   “Entrepreneurial Ideas and consumer trends  The workshop  focused on areas of Understanding new business ventures; Consumer trends

  1. Workshop – Learning from cases of successful entrepreneur

E Cell organized workshop on ‘Learning from cases of successful entrepreneurs’ on Saturday,27 Aug,2016  .20 E cell members participated in the workshop .During the workshop emphasis was laid on motivating the members through discussion on  cases of startups.

  1. Brainstorming Session for Idea Generation

E- Cell “ TARKASH”  organized Brainstorming Session for Idea Generation  for  student entrepreneurs on  Saturday  ,10 Sept,  2016  .  During the session students came out with various business ideas and critically evaluated their feasibility.


  1. Business launch “the Indian basket house’ & Workshop – Entrepreneurial Challenges and How to overcome

E Cell  – TARKASH organized the  launch of  “ The Indian Basket House’ , a business initiative by  – Geetika   on 3rd  Aug 2016 . The Indian Basket House  is a startup – online and offline Gift basket and trousseau packaging .Geetika  elaborated at length the business model , how she procured first order and  challenges she  faced in setting the business along with  future plan of action.

Followed by the launch there was  a  Workshop on   “Entrepreneurial Challenges and How to overcome .The workshop  focused on product and finance as a barrier and ways to overcome the barriers .

  1. Workshop on “ Ecommerce: Learn how to sell

 E- Cell “ TARKASH”  organized  Workshop on   “ Ecommerce: Learn how to sell ’ for  student entrepreneurs on Saturday  ,10 Sept,  2016   . Mr. Gaurav Pandey, Arya Exports   guided budding entrepreneurs about how to  start  ecommerce business with actionable insights , steps and procedures.The workshop  covered following areas

  • Selling on ecommerce marketplaces
  • opening account
  • Daily order processing
  • What numbers to expect.


  1. 100 Rs Contest

E- Cell MERI organised an intra-day ‘Rs. 100 Activity’ on September 12, 2016 at MERI and areas nearby the campus . Total of 10 teams participated in the  contest with each team consisting  10-15 members and a mentor from the faculty. Mentors were responsible for motivation, planning and approval of business plan presented by their teams.

The event was highly competitive among the participating teams and they conducted activity such as Marketing Collaborations ,Marketing Cosmetics and FMCG products ,Interior Decoration, Customized Decoratives, Customized Envelopes and bookmarks, Games, Nail art, Singing, Dance performance, Selling food items, Water bottles and Lemonades, shooting through camera, Magic shows  etc. and they learnt that: No one is willing to pay for free, everyone needs some kind of service to pay in return also convincing someone to purchase items is a tough task.

  1. ‘Chanakya-Business Simulation Games’

E Cell ‘TARKASH’,in line with its objective of providing a platform to budding Managers/entrepreneurs sent a team of following four members to participate in AIMA’s National Competition ‘Chanakya -Student Management Games’ on 19-20 Oct,2016

1)         Amit Palaria

2)         Mehak

3)         Pranay Singh

4)       Mukul Chandravanshi

The games are simulation replicating business scenarios where students were  put to various business scenarios requiring strategic thinking , creativity, experience,  to become ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’.

Thirty three teams from various Management Colleges/Universities from North India participated in the event. The Team did excellently well in generating enough revenues for their organization and Qualified all the 4 rounds and finished 6th in a nail biting finish

  1. Workshop – How to develop business plan for entrepreneurial finance

 E Cell ‘TARKAS’ organized  Workshop on ‘ How to develop Business plan for Entrepreneurial Finance’ for  budding student entrepreneurs  on  Saturday  8 Oct,  2016 The workshop focused on development of Business Plan in which a sample plan was provided to students followed by discussion on key inputs to the plan

15.E Cell- Mentorship Week

E Cell  organised “ Mentorship Week’ from 22 nd  Oct– 28th Oct for  budding student entrepreneurs.

During the week   Mentoring Sessions  were held with individual / team  E Cell members   to discuss  their business plans and other related  issues . Students discussed at length their plan of action , difficulties related to team and problems related to entrepreneurial finance .It is motivating that students are geared up for the task.

16.Session on Social Marketing

An alumnus session  of Ms. Aanchal, Social Media Marketer  ,OLX  was  organized  on 19th Oct,2016 . Aanchal  elaborated on her social media strategies and challenges.

17.Session on Credit Financing

An alumnus session  of Mr. Swapnil Patwardhan , Credit Manager ,Hero Fincorp was  organized  on 13th Oct,2016 . Swapnil shared his experiences with Hero and Kotak Bank . He also shared yechnical aspects of availing finance from financing organisations.

18.Session on being motivated

An alumnus session  of Mr. Sumit  ,Sr. Process Associate ,Infosys was  organized  on 12th Oct,2016 . Sumit shared his experiences and  job challenges . He motivated students to purue entrepreneurship .

19.Session – Follow your Passion

An alumnus session  of Mr. Nikhil , owner , and associated with Big Boys toys ,a high end cars dealer  was  organized  on 20 th Oct,2016 . Nikhil shared his experiences  and what it takes to follow your passion in automobile sector .

Glimpses of E Cell Activities 2016

Recent  Startups @ MERI
Start Up Members


Himanshu Sundriyal, Garima Suri ,Gaurav Lakhanpal
Kitabi Keera Mandeep Singh,Rahul,Anoop Singh
Indian Nova Rahul Ranjan
Sudha Occasions Jatin, Deepika, Piyush
On the go solutions Mayank Yadav
Sabka Sab Kuchh Prince Gupta
Sanitation India Pranav Jha
Be Famous Parag Jayant
Arya Exports Gaurav Pandey
Ablaze Dilip Singh, Akshay , Mohit
Handies Juhi Singh
Global Alliance Hemant , Manish
Cuddle creativity Sudeep Anand
Triveni Sonu
Paathshaala Anand
Hanger onn Poornima
Choco holics Bhavna
Nature Spices Om Hari
Chilli Hot Kanishka
The Indian Basket House Geetika Khosla
Power hashing solutions Antakshri
Red print services- red note Vijay


E Cell “ TARKASH” congratulates all the fresh lot of entrepreneurs and wish them a successful venture. We also thank all our alumni entrepreneurs for their support .



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