MERI Alumni Meet – Splice

MERI ALUMNI MEET –  “SPLICE – Let’s Reunite”


The ALUMNI MEET “SPLICE-Let’s Reunite” was organized on Saturday evening, 31st October, 2015, at the MERI Auditorium.
Dignitaries present on the occasion were Shri. I.P.Aggarwal, Chairman, Triveni Educational & Social Welfare Society, New Delhi and Prof. Lalit Aggarwal, Vice-President, MERI, Shri S.K Aggarwal, CFO,MERI,   Prof.Y.L Grover Director-General, MERI, Prof. A. K.Agarwal Dean (Management), Prof. R.C. Goyal Dean (IT) and Prof. Aseem Makhija Dean (Corporate Relations), MERI.

The event started with Vandana of Lord Ganesha by Akanksha Bharadwaj and Sheetal Mawi of MCA (Sem III). It was followed by awe-inspiring dance performances both contemporary and classic style. Some of the notable performances were Bhangra, Mime and Band by the MERI students. All the performances made the event truly memorable and enjoyable.

A token of appreciation was given to the following Alumni for their achievements.

  1. Ms. Divya Goel, Amdocs, Senior Test Engineer ( MCA 2004- 07 Batch)
  2. Mr. Tarun Sharma, Amdocs, Senior Test Engineer (MCA 2005- 08 Batch)
  3. Ms. Mahua Chakraverty, HRS Representative, FedEx Express (PGDM 2003 – 2005 Batch)
  4. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chauhan, Regional Head ,IIFL (PGDM 2003-2005 Batch)

They shared their experiences about the corporate world with the present batches. They also expressed their gratitude towards the institute for helping them achieve great heights in their career. The function ended with Jam Session and dinner.

The impressive performances by all made the event a grand success. For the Alumni, it was a chance to revive their fond memories and enjoy an entire evening full of fun & nostalgia.

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