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Publications – MERI

  • Biannual journal called ‘Journal of Education’

    MERI journal of EduJournal of Education is a refereed journal published biannually by MERI. The main purpose of the Journal is to contribute to knowledge building process on education by providing a forum for scholarly discourse on the role of education in enhancing human capabilities and well-being. For this purpose, the Journal publishes original research and other scholarly creations of academic value that contribute to human understandings of education and its processes. We aim at sharing the knowledge, values and skills among individuals and communities with the ultimate aim of spreading knowledge.

  • College Magazine ‘ Sukriti’

    MERI SukritiSukriti – a biannual newsletter of MERI is an accessible platform providing experimental experience to students and faculty to bring forward their hidden creativity. The purpose of the newsletter is to educate readers about the exciting new developments and ongoing programs at MERI. News of events in the college will be available to alumni, those seeking to make contact with the college for admission or other purposes, and professional friends in various institutions. The newsletter strives to enhance communication within and outside the college.

  • Book “Learning French –a practical book for Professionals” 1st & 2nd Edition.French Book 1 edition

    French book edition 2

    Speaking more than one language is a skill which will increase your marketability. Keeping this in view, MERI encourages students to learn French. MERI has launched a book on “Learning French” – 1st and 2nd editions, which gives a clear understanding of communication in French. The book is found to be of great use especially to students who enroll for student exchange programs during their course of study at MERI.

  • Book on ‘Consumer Behaviour’

    PGDM,MBAThis book encompasses all possible aspects of consumer behavior understood and studied so far. The book has been divided into II parts. The first part of the book comprehensively covers various topics under the ambit of consumer behaviour studies. Due care has been taken to cover all important topics prescribed by the syllabus of various Indian universities. Part II of the book has been dedicated to consumer behaviour peculiar to particular sectors. Individual chapters have been dedicated to develop an understanding of changing consumer trends and behaviour often seen in rural, retail and service sectors. Due to an increase in the trend of online buying in India, online buyers behaviour and factors influencing online buyer behaviour,has also been included in the book. Last but not the least a chapter on Consumer awareness, about the legal aspects of buying, and its implications for the marketer has also been included in the book.
    Each chapter has a opening case that develops a basic understanding about the topic being covered in the chapter. A case study has been included at the end of each chapter so as to facilitate the reader to develop the subject knowledge and analytical skills related to the particular topic covered in the chapter.

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