REPORT – E-Talk and Workshop



Date  :  27 August, 2019

MERI Business Incubator – TARKASH

E-Talk and Workshop  

MERI Business Incubator – TARKASH organized an E- Talk and Workshop  on Tuesday, 27th   Aug, 2019 for all current  members of the incubator

Expert                   Sh. Ansh Gupta ( Alumnus IIM , Lucknow)

CEO ,Magestic Foods- A young Entrepreneur with diversified portfolio including chocolate brand “Bogatchi”

During the E Talk Mr Ansh  discussed the challenges  he faced as a startup, arranging finance and how to build brand using E –Commerce . The E talk followed the  workshop where students ideas were discussed  along with How to start a Business .

 Dr Samarth Singh and Mrs. Sushma Sharma

( Coordinator – TARKASH)

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