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At MERI we have an environment that generates high-quality research which is both contemporary and rigorous. Conferences, seminars and workshops are a regular feature at the campus providing a forum for presenting research work and discussing important issues of global interest. These events bring together academics, corporates and policy-makers and are an opportunity to network and learn.



Date Seminar/Conference Topic Report
22.02. 2020 Finance Seminar on February 22, 2020  “Leveraging Fintech for Business ”  Report
15.02. 2020 HR Conclave on February 15, 2020  “Talent Management in the Era of Industry 4.0”  Report
19.10. 2019  National Marketing Seminar  (Mercadeo Cresta, 2019 ) “Strategic and Tactical Marketing in Contemporary corporate”  Report
13-14.09. 2019 International Conference ““Data the New Catalyst : Creating a New Digital Culture”” Website


16.03. 2019 National Finance Seminar “Financial Innovations: Challenges and Opportunities”  Report
20.10. 2018 National HR Seminar (PERSONNE VISTA 2018) “Delivering Happiness: Workforce Optimisation and Challenges – 2025 and beyond” .Doc
13.10.2018 NATIONAL Marketing Seminar Harnessing Potential Marketing Trends 2018-19 Report
06.10. 2018 17th National IT Seminar ‘Aprendemos’ Data Science and Machine Learning: New Frontiers & Challenges Report
10.03.2018 NATIONAL CONFERENCE Management & Technical Innovations for IPR Report
24.02.2018 National Seminar Management & Financing of MSMEs : Prospects and Challenges Report
22.02.17 & 23.02.17 International Conference Digital Economy: Challenges & Opportunities Brochure
02.04.2016 National Seminar Big Data & Cloud Computing Report
12.3.2016 National Marketing Seminar  (Mercadeo Cresta, 2016 ) Digital Marketing beyond Metros: Opportunities & Challenges Brochure1 Brochure2
1.03.2016 & 2.03.2016 International Conference Informatics, Management and Technology of Solar energy – Issues and Opportunities (ICIMTSE-2016) Brochure Brochure InnerPage
17.10.2015 NATIONAL SEMINAR – Banking: Problems, Opportunities and Challenges Report
10.10.2015 National IT Seminar APRENDEMOS 2015 with CSI Cyber Security: Issues and Challenges Proceedings APERENDOMOS 2015
19.09.2015 National HR Seminar PERSONNE VISTA 2015 Technology Facilitates HR Transformation Report
20.07.2015  to 25.07.2015 FDP sponsored by NSTEDB, Govt. of India Technological & Behavioural Dynamics in Teaching REPORT 
14.03.2015 National Marketing Seminar  (Mercadeo Cresta 2015) New Consumer Dynamics: Rejuvenating Marketing REPORT
21.02.2015 National IT seminar APRENDEMOS e-Commerce & Digital Marketing REPORT
23.12.2014  to 6.01.2015 FDP sponsored by NSTEDB, Govt. of India FDP REPORT

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