Course Objectives

Technological transition has transformed talent management practices. Paradigm shift in human resource management has triggered the need to talk about talent management through technology. Demographic dividend and digital revolution has thrown many challenges, now it’s high time to integrate talent management with technology. For smooth transition of students from campus to corporate portal, it is indispensible to equip them with the latest catch words,tools,technology so this course intends to talk about all the innovative concept on the organizational set up with human resource perspective.

Talent Management is management of employees during employment lifecycle in an organization. All the human resource functions from recruitment to retirement come under the scope of talent management. It starts from manpower planning, attraction, recruitment, selection, on boarding, and training of employees before they become “performers” in a given organization. Later in the lifecycle, retention, compensation, and ultimately, termination, complete the lifecycle. To manage talent, organizations deploy a range of tools, techniques.In this course, we will learn technology as a facilitator of talent management.

Core Components:Talent management through technology, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Learning Analytics. Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud in HR, Employer Branding, Web 2.0 Technology, Gamification, Crowd Sourcing, Talent Management, Blue Ocean Strategy, etc.

Course Components: The course is structured into fifteen learning modules. Each learning module has references for detail study .Tailored guidance and support for the session’s assignments will also be provided.

Course Outcomes: By the completion of this course, you should be able to know technology and techniques for managing talent.

Resources: Web site will be the primary venue for communication between the instructor and students. SHRM,Forbes,People Matters,Harvard Business Review links can be accessed .

Conduct Code:

  • Quizzes, assignments and the final Exams.
  • Academic integrity is required to be maintained at all levels.
  • Acknowledgement of the research and ideas of scholar is mandatory to mention.

Grading : Grading will be summarized after evaluation of

  • Quizzes based on readings, videos, assignments
  • Written Assignment
  • Assessment Interview Report
  • Module Final Exam
  • Outstanding performance will be rewarded
  • Unsatisfactory performance will be motivated and enriched based on the specific requirements.

Feedback and Grades: Constructive Feedback will be provided on a regular basis for further improvement in performance. Performance track of the course will be compiled within one week and get uploaded.