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The world from the view of emerging economists

At the onset I would like to thank you for your manifest interest in Management Education and Research Institute. At MERI, scholars are anticipated to have an enhancing and life turning experience which will enable them to reach high success in their professional life. As we’re launching our magazine The Economic Watch which brush up the chops and enrich the knowledge base of scholars. With a compatible as well as professional terrain The Economic Watch makes a considerable donation to profitable aptitude of scholars through exploration- grounded papers and views of experts. The magazine substantially focuses on the motifs of Indian frugality i.e., Union Budget, reviews of the Ministers, checks related to our frugality & Individual papers on Budget, current events, finance, etc. it’ll help scholars to understand how requests work, our youthful scholars will also learn how to make effective choices in managing their own scarce coffers, similar as time and plutocrat. Along the way, we educate them a decision-and choicemaking process that they can apply to all aspects of their lives. All scholars are welcome to know and explore the options that may be available in our colourful academic programs for holistic development