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HR Insights Saga of Hi Touch to Hi Tech

A s rightly said by Sir Steve Jobs ‘You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.” The role of HR is one of the distinct and powerful tools for the radiance and success of any organization. The intent of this magazine is to assist the students with the experience of the real-life management skills related to HR domain and aiming at being the support system in building their career in this specialization. It shows the activities of the students in the field of their extracurricular enthusiasm as well as in their academic ventures. It prepares students for their future and we are happy to state that every student looks forward for its publication and contributes to it. The young writers get an excellent opportunity for displaying their love for literature which cultivates a fine literary taste among the students. The team is motivated to collaborate with the thoughts of the students while facilitating them with the opportunity to meet HR professionals and get hands on experience in the transitional phase which has changed the role and perspective of HR domain in the corporate world.