Founded in 1996, MERI group of institutions has garnered a reputation for being the perfect hub for education, culture and heritage altogether. Promoted by Triveni Educational and Social Welfare Society, MERI is ISO 9001:2008 certified that believes in responding not just innovatively but also effectively to nurture the developing buds into full fledged flowers who are ready to face the hardships of the corporate world. Our endeavour has always been to develop an array of academic offerings which are unsurpassed as far as the dynamic environment is concerned. The world has changed and so does the pedagogies; we talk about the global economy now rather than the national economies which has made it indispensable for the education facilitators to incorporate more of practical methods of teaching.

We, at MERI, have ensured over the years that both our students as well as faculty grow and we take pride in showcasing the achievements and growth of the group as a whole. The combination of talented faculty and encouraging management is what has brought MERI to where we stand today in the education industry. The highly experienced faculty has always played the role of a catalyst in bringing out the right transformation of a students’ journey from being a student to a prospective global leader. MERI group has a long tradition of maintaining high quality standards whether it is the management or faculty or the pool of students we have in our family. The group aims at creating a learning environment conducive enough for the overall development of MERIans thereby ensuring that they are fit to cross the threshold of the protective environment, they have been a part of till now.


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