Silence please, the court is in session…..

Becoming a lawyer has a lot of responsibility attached to it; a lawyer deals with people’s lives at most of the times therefore it is very important that the students get the right practical knowledge through out their college lives. Keeping in view, the dynamic legal environment, we give a special emphasis on practical exposure in the form of regular mooting activities at the campus as well as visits to courts and other related bodies. Moot Court is a simulated oral argument, similar to an argument made before an appellate court that lasts for around 15 minutes during which, the attorney presents an argument and answers questions posed by the panel of judges.

Mooting basically involves an oral argument appealing a case that has already been heard by a district court; it is not a mock trial – there are no witnesses and no objections although the petitioner will have the opportunity to make a brief rebuttal, it is not a debate. The Moot Court sessions encourage the development of skills in brief writing and oral advocacy. The Moot Court is practiced in different stages like analysis of the facts of a case to arrive at the legal points, to understand the decided cases in light of a case presented in the Moot Court, preparation of the complaint, written statement, drafting written and oral arguments and conduct of the participants with opponent counsels and the bench. We lay a great emphasis on students’ participation in the Moot Court.


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