Our eminent and distinguished faculty members are renowned for their glorious and meritorious profiles, versatile talent and dedication to the cause of education. The faculty at MERI encourages the students to seek new challenges, and allow them to tap their creativity, potential, find innovative solutions, and interact with fellow scholars and researchers.

1) Shri I. P. Aggarwal (President – MERI Group)
2) Prof. Lalit Aggarwal (Vice President – MERI Group)
3) Justice Kailash Gambhir (Former Judge – Delhi High Court)
4) Dr. D. P. Sharma (Former Judicial Member – Central Administrative Tribunal, New Delhi)
5) Dr. Geeta Rawat (former Member Secretary – Law Commission of India, New Delhi)
6) Shri R. K. Saini (Advocate – Delhi High Court)
7) Shri Rajeev Saxena (Advocate – Delhi High Court)
8) Shri R. D. Makheeja (Advocate, Delhi High Court)
9) Shri S.K. Aggarwal (Retd. Assistant Gen. Manager, Indian Overseas Bank)
10) Shri O.P. Goel (Indian Foreign Service, Retd.)
11) Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Singh (Director General, MERI Professional And Law Institute, Former Vice-Chancellor, Lucknow University)

1) Shri Rajeev Saxena (Advocate – Delhi High Court)

2) Shri R. D. Makheeja (Senior Counsel – Delhi High Court)

3) Dr. Mukul Sharma (LL.M, Ph. D)

4) Dr. Parag Garg (LL.M, LL.D)

5) Prof.K.M Pathi (Management)

1)Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Singh, LL.M (USA), LL.D (London), Director General, MERI Professional And Law Institute)

2) Prof. (Dr.) Manju Singh, M.A., M.B.A, M. Phil, Ph.D

3) Prof. A. K. Shukla, M. Sc, M. Phil, M. Ed

4) Asstt. Prof. Manish Dalal, LL.M, UGC-NET

5) Asstt. Prof. Himanshu Kaushik, M.Tech (Computer Science)

6) Asstt. Prof. Amit Kumar,LL.M ,UGC-NET

7) Asstt. Prof. Anil Kumar, M.A (Hindi), UGC-NET

8) Asstt. Prof. Ashutosh Singh,M.B.A (Finance & Marketing), UGC-JRF(NET)

9) Asstt. Prof. Deepesh Kumar Thakur, Ph.D English

10) Asstt. Prof. Nisha Malik,MBA(HR), UGC -NET

11) Asstt. Prof. Manisha ,MBA(Finance), UGC -NET


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