Academic System

The academic activities, regulated by the respective departments remaining active throughout the year serve to sharpen the students’ knowledge and skills. The teaching methods adopted to benefit the students are:

1. Lectures , case-studies, project works, group activities etc.
2. Remedial classes for those below average standards.
3. A report card system listing students’ marks , attendance and other performances informs the parents on regular basis.
4. Seminars & conferences organized at departments train the students in interview skills and leadership qualities.
5. Summer internship in India/Abroad after the completion of second year followed by the submission and presentation of the project report.


To groom the personality of our budding engineers, special classes on PD are organized. The students learn to enhance their communication skills by actively participating in Debates, Group Discussions and Speech competitions.

According to a survey which was carried out recently by the periodical, Electronics For You (May 2010, Vol.42 No.5), MERI-CET has been ranked at No.1 position in the series of upcoming colleges par excellence.