MERI Group of Institutions

IT Services

In this global era of Information Technology, communication and network constitute the core of the information exchange. This has been visualized in every corner of the Institute through the networking map. MERI strives to create and provide a secure and competent environment wherein the Infrastructural facilities are hand held so that the efficiency of the users can be enhanced.

For this to work well, we have the right mechanism in place for regular reviewing, maintenance and updation of our IT infrastructure. Our IT wing is the perfect mix of experienced technical staff as well as learned faculty who have all the required support to keep themselves updated.

To be able to keep up the pace with the manifold changes that have come in the IT industry over the last few years, we have the best of the IT infrastructure installed at all our premises. The college has good support facilities in the form of a campus-wide LAN and WAN. All the classrooms are fully equipped with computers and projectors for the ease of imparting knowledge to the students. Wi-Fi campus is what keeps the students up to date with all the latest happenings in and around. The connectivity across the campuses helps students of cross-disciplines develop and nurture long term relationships.

The computer labs have the best and modern machines like original software programs, laser printers, scanners etc. to serve the tech savvy users kill their hunger for more and more. All this needs proper guidance and adherence to rules and regulations is a must therefore our IT Wing is headed by a highly qualified team, so that the resources are put to right use only.