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Activity Calender

 Activities January- April 2019
1 Students Tour Mr. Sumit/ Mr. Samarth 13th Feb,2019
2 Anugoonj Prelim Prepration Ms. Deepti Kapoor/ Parminder Kaur/ Gurbrinder Kaur As per Dates of University
3 International Conference Ms. Deepshikha/ Ms. Ritu Agg. 5th & 6th April,2019
4 Finance Seminar Dr. Parmjot Singh & Dr. Kompal 16th Mar,2019
5 Lakarmesse Ms. Deepti Kapoor/ Parminder Kaur/ Gurbrinder Kaur 28th Feb & 1st Mar, 2019
6 Farewell MBA Ms. Deepti Kapoor/ Parminder Kaur/ Gurbrinder Kaur 20th April,2019
7 Farewell MCA Ms. Deepti Kapoor/ Parminder Kaur/ Gurbrinder Kaur 19th / 21th April 2019
8 Sukriti (June – Jan, 2019) Ms Mansi   May 2019
9 Journal of Mgmt & IT (April’ 16) Ms. Gurpreet Kaur   May 2019
CSR Activities
10 Blood Donation camp Ms. Deepshikha/ Ms. Maitri   Feb, 2019
11 Value Education Workshop Ms. Deepshikha/ Ms. Maitri 25th Jan,2019
12 Self Defence Week Ms. Deepshikha/ Ms. Maitri As per Availability of Dates
13 Visit to  Slum for Skill Development Ms. Deepshikha/ Ms. Maitri  March,2019
14 Khelo Holi Naturally Ms. Deepshikha/ Ms. Maitri 18th March,2019
E cell Activities
15 Workshop Prototype to commercialization Mr. Samarth Singh 2nd Feb,2019
16 Market Analytics Mr. Samarth Singh 9th Feb,2019
17 Team building Mr. Samarth Singh 16th Feb,2019
18 Final discussions Mr. Samarth Singh 2nd March,2019
19 Managing Funds Mr. Samarth Singh 30th March,2019
Literary Club Activities(WOW)
20 Writing A Case Study Ms. Mansi Saxena 2nd Feb,2019
21 Six Thiking  Hats Ms. Mansi Saxena 9th Feb,2019
22 Presentation Skills Ms. Mansi Saxena 16th Feb,2019
23 The Power of Non Verbal Language Ms. Mansi Saxena 2nd March,2019
24 Free Style Writing Ms. Mansi Saxena 30th March,2019