Activity Calender

Management Education & Research Institute
 Activity Calender Aug- Dec 2017
S.No. Description of Program Coordinator Date
1.   a Orientation(Ecell) Mr.Samarth Singh 5-Aug-17
b Orientation(CSR Club) Ms.Maitri & Ms.Deepshikha 5-Aug-17
c Orientation(Dance & Music Club) Ms. Rajeswari&Ms. Nagmani 5-Aug-17
2.   a Learning through cases  Mr.Samarth Singh 12-Aug-17
b Visit To Orphanage  Ms.Maitri & Ms. Deepshikha 12-Aug-17
     c Practice Dance & Music Ms. Rajeswari&Ms. Nagmani Every Saturday
3 Talent Hunt Dr Mandeep Kaur/Ms. Rajeshwari/Nagmani 19 Aug,2017
4 Marathon (CSR Club) Ms.Maitri & Ms.Deepshikha To be announced
5 Industry Visit Sem1 MBA Mr. KK Sharma 21st-24th  Aug,2017
6 Industry Visit BBA Mr. KK Sharma 25th Aug 2017
7 Fresher  party MCA Dr Mandeep Kaur/Ms. Rajeshwari/Nagmani 26-Aug-17
8 Fresher Party MBA/BBA/PGDM Dr Mandeep Kaur/Ms. Rajeshwari/Nagmani 1st Sep, 2017
9 Guest Lecture ” Treasury & Private Equity” by Manav Mehra, Cluster Head Standard Chartered Bank Ms. Anjali Mittal 7th Sep, 2017
10 Digital Analysisi by MR. Varun Bagga, Data Scientist, Shopclues Ms. Anjali Mittal 8th Sep, 2017
11 Workshop- Entrepreneurial Challenges in setting social businesses  Mr.Samarth Singh 9 th Sep, 2017
12 CSR Club Meeting for department allocation Ms.Maitri & Ms.Deepshikha 9th Sep,2017
13 Visit to Aravali Biodiversity Dr. Maitri & Ms. Deepshikha Kalra 12th Sep, 2017
14 Finance Seminar Dr. Mandeep Kaur & Kavita Sharma To be announced
15 Midterm examination MBA/MCA/BBA/PGDM Prof. A.K. Agrawal, Ms. Deepshikha & Ms. Ritu Aggarwal 14th-23rd sept 2017
16 Industry Visit Sem 3 MBA Mr. KK Sharma 14th- 21st  sept 2017
17 Industry Visit  Sem 1 MBA Mr. KK Sharma 8th Sep, 9th Sep & 11th Sep, 2017
18  Picnic BBA  MrSumit/ MrSamarth To be announced
19 GST, Mr. Umesh Kalra Prof. A.K. Agrawal Oct 1st Week
20 Aluminin Lecture Ms. Deepshikha Kalra/Ms.Ritu Aggarwal Oct ( Tentative)
21 E cell Rs. 100 Contest  Mr.Samarth Singh 07th Oct, 2017
22. a Cleanliness Drive week 1st -7th Oct  Ms.Maitri & Ms. Deepshikha 1st-7th Oct, 2017
b Poem Recitation Ms.Mansi  Saxena &Dr Richa Kapoor 07th Oct, 2017
c Soft Skill workshop for MBA/PGDM sem III  Mr K K Sharma 9th -14th Oct,17
Alumni Meet Dr Deepa Gangwani/Dr Mandeep Kaur/Ms. Rajeshwari/Nagmani 14/10/2017 ( Tentative)
23 Students Tour Mr Sumit/Mr Samarth 23rd Oct- 30 Oct, 2017
Session on Motivation and E commerce  Mr.Samarth Singh 28-Oct-17
24 a. Blood Donation Camp  Ms.Maitri & Ms. Deepshikha 28/10/2017 ( Tentative)
b Solving case Study Workshop Ms.Mansi  Saxena &Dr Richa Kapoor 28-Oct-17
c Aprendemos (IT seminar) Ms. Ritu/ Ms. Sumit To be announced
25 HR Seminar MS. Maitri To be announced
26 Fortnightly  e New bulletin Ms.Mansi  Saxena &Dr Richa Kapoor Ongoing
27 Journal Of Management & IT Ms Gurpreet Kaur Ongoing
28 Soft skill workshop for MCA  Sem III/V  Mr Mitesh Verma To be announced
29 Guest Lecture/ Alumni Interaction MBA/MCA Ms. Deepshikha Kalra/Ms.Ritu Aggarwal To be announced