Continuous Internal Evaluation System

Comprehensive & Continuous Internal Evaluation System

As per the latest academic calendar declared by GGSIPU, the university is shifting to a continuous evaluation system. MERI will follow the following scheme for CCE

Formative Assessment – weightage 40%

Unit test- It will consist  of  Quizzes/ Crosswords/ Puzzles related to the unit . Unit tests will be conducted after  completion of a unit. Total 4 unit tests will be there in a semester

Assignments–  Graded assignments will be  given for each  unit. It will  be a mix of  case studies, review of an article/ research paper,  analysis of situations, simulations etc.

Powerpoint presentations– Each student is required to present a PPT on a  relevant topic  of the subject.

Unit testAfter completion of each unit ( total4 for each subject)20%
AssignmentsFor each unit10%
PPTOne for each subject10%

Summative Assessment- Weightage -60%

Capstone Project–  Students will do a capstone project in a semester which can be an independent research on a problem of their choice, engage with the scholarly debates in the relevant disciplines, and – with the guidance of a faculty mentor – produce a substantial paper that reflects a deep understanding of the topic.

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