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Student Exchange Programme

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At MERI, we want our  B.Tech, Mtech, BCOM(H), BBA, BA(JMC), MCA and MBA students to have as much international exposure as possible. The international student exchange program allows students to gain cultural competence through integration into host institution & culture while exploring the international dimension of their academics.

Exchange programmes also give MERI students a competitive advantage in the employment market.
The International Student Exchange Programme gives MERI students excellent opportunity to study for one semester at the global partners across the world under exchange program. Visiting students from international also add to the diversity and peer learning experience on the campus. Over the past few years, students of various countries have studied at MERI under this exchange program. Similarly students from MERI have gone to study for the semester at global partner universities under student exchange which has provided them an opportunity to learn global best practices, network with people around the world and explore career prospects outside of India.

Exchange programmes also give MERI students a competitive advantage in the employment market. Employers value international study as it demonstrates their ability to take initiative and function in a cross-cultural environment. No additional tuition fees are charged, however students are expected to meet their own traveling and living expenses (up to INR 1.5 lakhs for frugal spenders). MERI also provide 100% institute sponsored scholarship to meritorious students.

At MERI, students will enter a world where learning is a lifestyle,where opportunities are everywhere, where they make the decision to shape their future,and where people around them are as excited and motivated as they are. With its culturally diverse faculty, staff and student body, MERI nurtures an environment that makes international student feel at home.

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